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At Bloodsport, we believe there’s always more work to be done to make your shots sail farther, penetrate deeper and perform straighter. That’s why we’ve made our presence known as one of the leading innovators on the cutting edge of arrow and broadhead technology. We’re reinventing the way archers hunt – because when you’re trying to make the kill, every millimeter counts.

Bloodring Technology


Proof is power, and Bloodsport’s Blood Ring™ is proof you can see in an instant. The patented technology utilizes a specially designed ring around the arrow shaft to help hunters plan their next move. Once you make your hit, the arrow gives a clear indication of the trajectory path based on the visible blood type and color. From there, you can plan how long and how far you may need to track the animal. Rather than going blind, the Blood Ring serves as a map to direct your pursuit for improved odds at a successful retrieval.

ROC Technology


Micro-diameter arrows are a growing favorite among hunters for their high density that flies well and hits true. But shot at incredible speeds into tough targets, many micro-diameters are prone to bending on impact – making it difficult for them to handle a broadhead. The Reliable Outsert Component (R.O.C.) System eliminates this issue with a reinforced outsert that pulls additional strength by connecting with a stable insert. The resulting attachment system binds the broadhead and arrow to successfully absorb the shock of impact across the full length of the arrow. This means you can harness a micro-diameter’s full potential with massive hits that penetrate deep.

Hybrid Broadheads Technology


There are those who prefer fixed broadheads for their dependability, while others stand by the impressive cutting power of mechanicals. What if you could have it all in a single system? Now you can, with Bloodsport’s hybrid broadhead system. Our hybrid models are zero-failure – guaranteed to cut no matter what. A large-cutting fixed blade promises a deep wound channel, and two mechanical cross-opening blades open upon entry to further the blow. Not only does this hybrid system provide fool-proof effectiveness, it also keeps hunting ethics in check for a clean, lethal shot.

ROC Static Technology


Bloodsport is the only place building arrows, inserts and broadheads all under one name. All our products are built to the same standards of management with extreme attention to detail. Whether you buy your archery package as a combo set or personalize your own system to your liking… as long as it’s Bloodsport, you can count on a proper fit every time.